G’day shibes everywhere!

The Dogecoin Foundation is delighted to announce that registrations are now open for the 2022 Dogeathon Downunder hackathon in sunny Australia (or online) kicking off on Nov 15th.


We’re inviting devs of all skill levels to join us to #HackTheDoge with a 4 day hackathon involving prizes, much fun, and adventure as we build the Dogecoin Ecosystem together!

Taking place in the Yarra Ranges, Australia, with online-participation available for global participants, the Dogeathon will showcase the power of Dogecoin’s new and old integration solutions - LibDogecoin, GigaWallet API, Core API, Doge-Eth Bridge, & more - as we BUIDL the future of the Peoples’ Cryptocurrency, and increase the surface area of the Dogecoin ecosystem.


Seven months ago, the Dogecoin Foundation’s Timothy Stebbing outlined the Foundation’s approach to promoting Dogecoin Development, through a strong focus on building the Dogecoin Ecosystem and increasing the number of developers working on all things Dogecoin. This included highlighting some of the key drivers of the various projects that the Foundation is working on.

One of the Foundation’s primary goals has been to drastically expand what it means to be a ‘Dogecoin developer’, and champion projects that lower the barrier for many new people to get involved at different levels: through libraries, documentation, mentoring, and community engagement. Essentially, foster a ‘Dogecoin developer ecosystem’ of hundreds of new people so the #DogeDevArmy is strong, spread across many projects.

The first Foundation projects - Libdogecoin (Dogecoin C library) and GigaWallet (payment service) - are key stepping stones toward making this goal a reality. As we’ve begun to see the fruits of these labors with the first release of Libdogecoin - and many devs wrapping and using the library from different languages - we want to take the opportunity to see what amazing new things folk can build using these and other tools. Enter the Dogeathon!

The Dogecoin Foundation is aiming for the Dogeathon Downunder 2022 to set the stage for a more significant CampDoge Conference in 2023 and beyond, which will be held in different locations around the globe every year in the service of promoting Dogecoin development in the future.

The event will feature both Community and Prize Awards, the latter being judged by an esteemed panel of Dogecoin champions! The current Prize pool starts at Ð 200,069.00, and Shibes can tip the Prize Pool address to increase the award. Judges will be announced soon. Much wow.

Dogeathon Downunder is made possible by these much amaze sponsors:



If your company would like to join the list of sponsors, please get in touch.

– The Dogecoin Foundation Crew